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Frying with air is about sharing our love for air fryers with you! Our air fryer loving content writers and reviewers will provide you with the most in-depth air fryer-related content you'll find.

We provide extensive air frying review articles, guides about brewing and also some general air frying facts that might make you have an ahah moment!

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Most of the product recommendations we make can be found on Amazon. We undertake in depth reviews on certain products and when you click on one of these products in our review, you'll end up on Amazon.

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Who We Are?

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My name is Marco, and I'm the head of our small team. I love deep fried chicken, turkey, lamb, fries just about anything deep fried but my health got the better of me. That's why I turned to air fryers after a friend introduced me to them.

That was a couple years ago now, and now I can keep enjoying fried food without worrying to much about the adverse effects of deep fried food.

Besides me, the rest of the team is made up of writers, coffee reviewers that share the same passion as I do. If you need to reach out to us, simply go to our contact page