What is an Air Fryer?

If you know what a deep fryer is, then you'll definitely know what is an air fryer! These cool little devices can deep fry just about anything without adding oil to your food.

I love deep frying, but when I realized that using large amounts nasty cooking oil to my fried chips, I was actually making an impact on my health, so I decided I had to give it up for a while.

Soon after, a friend of mine introduced me to air fryers which fry just about anything but only use a fraction of the food! 

Talk about serious health benefits.

At first I didn't think it could achieve the same texture on my food that a deep fryer gives, but boy I was wrong. I was instantly sold! That's why I decided to start this website and share my knowledge about air fryers.

Here you will discover all those juicy air frying facts, but without the copious amounts of cooking oil like traditional deep fryers! So take a look around and see if we got an article for you, if not simply write to me at marco@fryingwithair.com so that we can add it to our ever growing library.

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