how to stack food in an air fryer

How To Stack Food In An Air Fryer? The Best Way to Stack!

Do you know how to stack food in an air fryer? If not, then do not worry. We are here to tell you everything that you need to know about stacking the food in an air fryer.

So many people worry about the size of the air fryer.

If you see the dimensions of the dryer, then it can surely seem small, so the other question that most people wonder about is: Can fries, chicken, and other food items be stacked in the air fryer?

The answer to this is yes, you can surely stack fries in the air fryer.

How to Stack Food In An Air Fryer?

To be very precise, you will not be able to stack food in an air fryer, until and unless you find a way to keep up with the airflow. You can stack food in an air fryer by circulating the hot air around the food.

In case, the airflow is compromised then you will get poorly cooked and even half raw food.

Moreover, the way any food is cooked depends totally on the food you are cooking. But yeah, it is also possible to layer the food in the air fryer if you cut it into tiny pieces.

When you make up your mind to stack the food in the air fryer, it is crucial to open the air fryer and turn all the pieces at least two times throughout the whole process just to make sure that they are exposed to the hot air.

Air fryers have a coil and a built-in fan. These are the main parts of the air fryer and its way of cooking. The coil of the air fryer becomes hot and warms up the entire air around the fryer.

Then, the air circulates the air fryer just to make sure the food is cooked totally.

By using the air fryer, you don't need to shake or stir the food because there's more space for the hot air to pass away. This is to make sure that each piece of food is being cooked properly.

Now, you must be wondering how exactly it is done? What is the process? Then do not worry, we have discussed the steps further.

  • First, keep the food on racks.
  • Then, ensure that all the food pieces are tiny. Because the bigger pieces of food can make them unstable.
  • After that, keep the racks in the fryer.
  • Then, remove one by one.

How much food can you put in an air fryer?

There is some air fryer which has a maximum limit that depicts the amount of food you can keep in the basket. I've seen it on some Philips air fryers. Nevertheless, you can go beyond that line as long as you can manage the food.

To provide you with an estimate of the amount of food that you can cook, let me tell you, at the time of managing fresh fries, I can easily load the whole basket with more fries without even compromising with the crisp.

Moreover, if fries are frozen, then I always put fewer fries in the air fryer.

How full can I fill my air fryer?

Anyone who has ever used an air fryer knows the most important rule of air frying, that is to avoid falling too much in the basket. Also, almost all the frying baskets have a line that indicates the limit.

First things first, instead of filling the fryer up to the brim, make sure to keep and cook the food in batches. I would recommend you to not fill the air fryer more than half of it.

So, you must keep this in mind at the time of planning your meals.

Moreover, the basket of the air fryer is comparatively tinier. But you can easily cook two servings of fish or meat and even four servings of vegetables.

It can be really attractive to squish or stack the food to get the food cooked faster.

air fryer not filled with fried chicken

Can you stack chicken wings in an air fryer?

Chicken wings have always been an interesting meal idea. Now, cooking them is a hell lot easier with the help of the air fryer. Anyone can enjoy the crispy chicken wings anytime they want and without actually making any effort.

Traditional recipes for making chicken wings can take a lot of time, so as soon as I saw the air fryer, I was totally surprised.

Be it any occasion, from a family dinner, gameday to parties, you can have it all just by stacking the chicken in the air fryer.

But can you stack the chicken in an air fryer? Though there are some exceptions to this, generally you can't stack chicken in the air fryer.

Now you must be thinking about the reason why it cannot be stacked in the fryer. So, the reason is the whole damn mechanics of the air fryer.

The fryers work like convection ovens. By circulating the warm air quickly over the surface area, they get results that are way more similar to the results of a deep fryer.

air fryer with chicken wings

Final Thoughts

So, this is it!! This was my article on how to stack food in an air fryer. I hope all your queries and problems are solved after reading this.

Now, while preparing the fries in an air fryer it all comes to the size of the food pieces that you are cooking. It is advised to cook smaller pieces of food in it because those pieces are easy to cook as well as smart.

Empty spaces are necessary to let the airflow through it. You can stack a lot of food in the air fryer.

You can stack food items such as spring rolls, french fries, chicken wings, croquettes, and many more. But you can't stack things like steaks, burgers, etc.

So, I guess, this is it! Why wait? Buy it, save your time, and stack any food you wish into it.