Do Air Fried French Fries Taste Good

Do Air Fried French Fries Taste Good? 4 Good Reasons to Fry

All of us love fast food, no matter how much we are warned that it is very unhealthy, yet we can't seem to get rid of something that satisfies all our fried cravings.

So, the solution comes in the form of a kitchen countertop machine - an Air Fryer. Here comes the question that will grab your attention, do air fried french fries taste good?

One of our go-to fast foods, French fries (probably because they are the easiest to make, in case we run out of pocket money), does not just satisfy our taste buds but also our visuals, for example, that smooth, golden, and crispy texture, got all of us drooling.

Yet, as we munch on them, we consider French Fries as our guilty pleasure. This may sound extreme, but as a French Fries freak, I hate considering the long potato fingers as my guilty pleasure.

However, it is true that it is deep fried and drips incredible amounts of calories, that are very unhealthy and dangerous when taken in larger amounts, and honestly, French Fries are never enough.

Do air fried French Fries taste good?

Yes, they definitely do! In fact they taste incredibly the same, or much better than the usual deep fried French Fries, because now you do not have to worry about those calories.

The air fryer works in a way similar to a convection oven, but circulates hot air more faster than the latter. This gives the French Fries a crispy texture, which you can not expect from a regular convection oven.

The air fryer uses only a quarter of a cup of oil, which is really less compared to the usual deep frying method. Yet, it satisfies the resemblance in taste by circulating the hot air in a manner that it cooks the fries evenly.

french fries with an air fryer

Which means you get a crispy layer of coating, that is free of lot of fat, while being fluffy on the inside. Best of the both worlds, right? However, there are a few things you need to understand about how your air fryer machine works.

You need to set the right temperature and time, to perfectly cook your fries, or it may come out under or overcooked. The best adjustment for French Fries in an air fryer is low temperature and more time.

This way, you will get the crispiest coat for your fluffy French Fries, that you can devour all by yourself, without having to label it a guilty pleasure.

How good are French Fries that are cooked in an air fryer?

How good are French Fries that are cooked in an air fryer? They are the best. Why? Oh, for a lot of reasons, starting with how easy they are for your back and your tummy.

You don't have to strain your back while you are frying your yummy French Fries. All you have to do is adjust the time and temperature and leave it to the ingenious machine.

This also saves the time and mess. The machine automatically stops cooking once the time is over, so you don't have to worry about standing close to it or monitoring it at all times.

Next, they are incredibly light on your stomach, being less greasy and low in calories, lowering the risk of adding another layer of curve on your body.

And most importantly, the taste, it is not only similar to deep fried French Fries in reference to it's texture, but also are cooked perfectly allowing all the spices, herbs, or parmesan cheese to mix well with the potato fingers, and give that French Fries taste that you may get from a fast food restaurant.

What do air fried French Fries taste like?

Air fried French Fries taste like any regular French Fries from a fast food restaurant or a takeout, except that it is much lighter, could be a lot more crispier, and is not greasy at all!

In other words, it tastes perfect to suit your craving; potato, light, less greasy, fried, and crispy. In fact, they taste much better than from a restaurant, because, well, it is homemade. And, because it didn't take you a lot of work, either.

Air fried French Fries are the ideal fast food for any binge eater, or well, just everyone. Some air fryer manufacturing companies claim that their air fryers can cut up to 80 per cent of calories.

Doesn't that sound lot more tastier? Air fryers take up less energy and time, while giving you greater results in reference to it's taste and health benefits.

Are air fried French Fries bad for you?

Definitely not! Air fried French Fries are so much better and are a healthier version of the greasy, deep fried, restaurant fast food. Air fried French Fries are made in an air fryer that can use as less as a tablespoon of oil.

This cuts down on so many calories, some air fryer manufacturing companies claiming to cut down to about 80 per cent of calories.

The French Fries are lot less fatty and also cheaper, when considering the amount of oil they need to make. They are quite simple and easy to make, and the air fryer also shares it's bit in helping in making the job a lot easier and smoother.

The temperature and time adjustments are easy to handle, and the functions are automatically done by the appliance. All you have to do is prepare your potato fingers. Cut them into fries, and dab them with a cloth to remove the excess water.

Then, season them with herbs, spices, parmesan, and salt, and spray a little amount of oil. Before you put in your fries into the air fryer, preheat it for about 5 minutes by adjusting the time and temperature.

Once it is done, you will have your healthy, less greasy, and super tasty fries to devour. You can choose to devour them all at once or share, according to your preference!

Final Thoughts

So, coming back to the question, 'Do Air fried French Fries taste good?,' I guess I have answered the question enough times in this article, but allow me to say it one more time. Air fried French Fries taste absolutely amazing, without a doubt!