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Can you put air fryer on stove top: What Nobody Says

In today's article we'll be looking at the question can you put air fryer on stove top? For anyone who loves the taste and texture of fried food without all the added grease and calories, an air fryer is a great kitchen appliance.

But what if you don’t have a lot of counter space or want to save money by not buying an additional appliance? Is it possible to use your stovetop to cook with an air fryer? Let’s take a look at the answer.

can you put air fryer on stove top

Can You Put Air Fryer on Stove Top: 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't

The short answer is no. While it may seem like a great idea to put an air fryer on top of your stove, this can be dangerous for several reasons.

#1 - No Electric Outlets for Power 

First, electric air fryers need electricity to work, and most stoves are not equipped with outlets for plugging them in.

#2 - Stove's Can Often be Hot From Previous Cooks

Even if you were able to find a way around this issue, the heat from your stovetop could damage the plastic parts of the air fryer.

Additionally, depending on the type of stovetop you have, there is always a risk that hot oil could jump out of the basket while cooking and cause serious injury or even start a fire.

#3 - Ventilation is Required for Your Air Fryer

Another reason why you should never use your stovetop with an air fryer is that it was simply not designed for this purpose. Air fryers are equipped with fans that circulate hot air around food in order to give it the same crispiness as deep-fried foods without all the extra grease and fat.

This requires airflow that cannot be replicated with just direct heat from below—something which is only available in traditional ovens or countertop air fryers.

Therefore, using your stovetop will not provide even heating necessary to achieve optimal results when frying food in an air fryer.


What surface can I put my air fryer on

Have you bought yourself an air fryer recently, but you’re not sure which surface is safe for it? The good news is that you have a few options!

If you already have countertop space available, the best surface for your air fryer is a flat, heat-resistant surface. This could be a dedicated kitchen counter area or an island depending on your space. Also, if you prefer to keep your cooking appliances together, most kitchen cabinets are heat resistant too.

Of course, another option is to invest in an appliance cart with shelves and drawers that can provide more cooking storage while keeping the air fryer away from children and pets!

Whatever surface you go with, just make sure it’s able to hold the weight of air fryer and whatever food you decide to cook in it.

Will my air fryer melt my countertop

Air fryers have become a popular kitchen appliance for those who want healthier cooking options. But is it safe to use an air fryer on a countertop? It all depends on the material the countertop is made of.

Generally, most countertops are built to withstand relatively high temperatures if they are made from granite, quartz, or ceramic tile. On the other hand, laminate and wood countertops are safer when exposed to lower temperatures.

So, while using an air fryer will not likely melt your countertop if it’s made of granite, quartz, or ceramic tile materials, you should consider setting up an alternative spot if your kitchen's worksurface is made of something more sensitive to heat.

Can you put silicone mat under air fryer

Cooks are making a switch to air fryers due to the healthier cooking options they provide, but many wonder if they can put a silicone mat beneath the appliance to protect their surfaces. The answer is yes, not only will using a silicone mat keep your countertop clean and spill-free while you're cooking, but it will also create an added layer of non-slip grip beneath the machine.

By providing extra padding between the air fryer and the surface its placed upon, a silicone mat can also extend the life of your countertop from any possible heat damage.

It's important to make sure that whatever mat you choose is heat-resistant up to 350°F, as anything lower could cause permanent damage to your air fryer or surrounding surfaces.

Do air fryers need to be vented

Air fryers have become increasingly popular, as they are a way to enjoy deep-fried flavor and crunch without the excessive fat that usually comes along with it. But do air fryers need to be vented?

Depending on the type of air fryer you buy, they may or may not require ventilation. If you opt for a hot-air convection oven model, otherwise known as an open-air fryer, they don't typically need ventilation because the fan is located in the back of the oven and most models allow air to escape through vents in the back.

However, closed basket air fryers require some type of ventilation, considering that their components are enclosed in a cabinet. When using these types of units, be sure to check for an exhaust or window vent above or next to your appliance so smoke and odors from cooking can escape safely.

Ultimately it's important to read your product manual carefully before purchasing and installing an air fryer if you plan on venting it.

Final Thoughts: Can You Put Air Fryer on Stove

In conclusion, we do not recommend ever putting an electric air fryer on top of your stove as this can be dangerous due to lack of electricity and potentially damaging temperatures as well as hot oil splashes.

Additionally, using a stovetop will not provide even heating necessary for optimal results when using an air fryer because it does not generate sufficient airflow which is essential for proper cooking performance.

If you want to enjoy fried foods without all the grease and fat while still maintaining safety at home, we suggest investing in a good quality countertop electric-powered model instead!